Title: Cambridge Archive Editions Online: East and Southeast Asia Collection

This is a primary source research collection covering areas such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and, under the title “Straits Settlements”: Penang, Singapore, Malacca and Labuan. The collection includes the following volume sets:

  • Annual reports of the Straits Settlements, 1855-1941
  • China political reports, 1911-1960
  • China political reports, 1961-1970
  • Hong Kong annual administration reports, 1841-1941
  • Japan political & economic reports, 1906-1970
  • Korea political & economic reports, 1882-1970
  • Shanghai : political and economic reports, 1842-1943 : British government records from the international city
  • Taiwan political and economic reports, 1861-1960

Type: E-Book | Primary Source
Location: Web (remote access available)