Title: Empire Online

Empire Online is an interactive digital collection of original documents relating to Empire Studies, enabling users to explore colonial history, politics, culture and society.

The collection features:

  • A thematic layout with sections covering Cultural Contacts, Literature of Empire, the Visible Empire, Religion, Race, Class and Imperialism.
  • Essays by all of our Consultant Editors introducing the material and suggesting possible pathways for research and teaching.
  • Thousands of images of unique source material including maps, manuscripts, pamphlets, paintings, drawings and rare books. All items are included in their entirety.
  • Detailed indexing that enables the sources to be explored in a variety of ways (by period, by date, by person and subject).
  • Sources spanning five centuries: from a translation of Columbus’s 1492 voyage to 21st Century works on Imperialism.

Type: Fulltext | Primary Source
Location: Web (remote access available)