Title: Factiva

Factiva offers more than 14,000 of the world's leading news and business sources from 159 countries, 350 geographical regions and in 22 languages including:

  • newspapers: Same-day and archival coverage of the world's most influential newspapers, as well as local newspapers from every corner of the globe
  • magazines: General business titles and industry publications
  • newswires: Breaking news from Dow Jones, Reuters and the Associated Press, as well as PR Newswire, M2 Presswire and other regionally focused and industry newswires
  • media programs: Transcripts from BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and more
  • web sites: The world's top news and business websites in more than 20 languages
  • company reports: Customized profiles of public companies from around the world, including detailed company and industry research from Investext
  • pictures added each week: Photographs from Reuters and McClatchy - Tribune Photo Service capture the pressing events of the day
  • Historial Market Data: Historical market data from blue-chip suppliers Reuters Investor and SunGard PowerData, going back as far as 1973, and capital changes back to 1968
  • EUR-Lex documents: Articles from the official database for the European Union

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