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TitleTypeSubject coverageInfo/GuidesLocation
admanGo Hong Kongvideo, audio, imageadvertising and communicationinfo, search guideWeb (within campus only)
Artstorimageimagesinfo, search guide, tutorialWeb (remote access available)
Global Issues in Contextfulltext, video, imageglobal issuesinfo, tutorialWeb (remote access available)
Image Collectionimageimages and photosinfo, search guide, tutorialWeb (remote access available, EBSCOhost)
National Geographic Virtual Libraryfulltext, imagemulti-disciplinesinfo, tutorialWeb (remote access available)
Chinese Medicine Formulae Images Database
fulltext, imageChinese medicineinfoWeb (remote access available)
World Fine Arts Database
imagefine artsinfoWeb (remote access available)

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REF:Law & Reference Help Desk of the Library. Please register for use of the resource at the Law & Reference Help Desk.

IT Desk:IT Help Desk of the Library. Please register for use of the resource at the IT Help Desk.

Web:Web-based resource. Can be accessed at the public workstations inthe Library or at any networked computers on campus.

remote access available:Can be accessed remotely via ISPs (Internet Service Providers) by following the instructions on remote access.

LAW:Law Section of the Library