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TitleTypeSubject coverageInfo/GuidesLocation
Blackwell Reference Online
(in Wiley Online Library Books)
fulltexthumanities and social sciencesinfoWeb (remote access available)
Britannica Academicfulltextmulti-disciplinesinfoWeb (remote access available)
Cambridge Core. Cambridge Historiesfulltexthistoriesinfo, search guideWeb (remote access available)
Credo Referencefulltextmulti-disciplinesinfo, tutorialWeb (remote access available)
Encyclopedia of JapanfulltextJapaninfoIT Desk
Gale Virtual Reference Libraryfulltextmulti-disciplinesinfo, search guide, tutorialWeb (remote access available)
Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Lawfulltextinternational lawinfo, search guideWeb (remote access available)
Oxford English Dictionary Onlinee-referenceEnglish language dictionaryinfo, tutorialWeb (remote access available)
Oxford Referencee-referencelanguage and subject reference worksinfo, search guide, tutorialWeb (remote access available)
SAGE Knowledgefulltextsocial sciencesinfo, search guide, tutorialWeb (remote access available)
中國共產黨黨建百科全書: 黨建有聲數字圖書館
Zhongguo Gong Chan Dang Dang Jian Bai Ke Quan Shu: Dang Jian You Sheng Shu Zi Tu Shu Guan
fulltextCommunist Party of ChinainfoIT Desk
Siku Quanshu (Wenyuange Edition) Online Subscription Services
fulltextChinese thoughts and culturesinfo, search guideWeb (within campus only)
Si Bu Cong Kan
fulltextChinese history, thoughts and culturesinfoWeb (remote access available)
名詞解釋庫fulltextChinese dictionaryinfo, search guideWeb (remote access available, INFOBANK)
Han Yu Da Ci Dian
Chinese language dictionaryinfoIT Desk

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IT Desk:IT Help Desk of the Library. Please register for use of the resource at the IT Help Desk.

Web:Web-based resource. Can be accessed at the public workstations inthe Library or at any networked computers on campus.

remote access available:Can be accessed remotely via ISPs (Internet Service Providers) by following the instructions on remote access.

LAW:Law Section of the Library