Title: WisersOne

(The new platform of "WiseNews")
Description: 1998+

WisersOne service provides access to news from over 1,000 newspapers and magazines published in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan,and other regions. Hong Kong newspapers covered in the database include :

A Daily A 報*
Apple Daily 蘋果日報
Headline Daily 頭條日報
Hong Kong Economic Journal 信報財經新聞
Hong Kong Economic Times 香港經濟日報
Hong Kong Commercial Daily 香港商報
Hong Kong Daily News 新報*
Hong Kong Globe 公正報*
Hong Kong iMail 香港郵報*
Hong Kong Standard 英文虎報*
Metropolis Daily 都市日報
Mingpao 明報
Oriental Daily News 東方日報
Sing Pao 成報
Singtao Daily 星島日報
The Standard 英文虎報
The Sun 太陽報*
Ta Kung Pao 大公報
Tin Tin Daily News 天天日報*
Wenweipo 文匯報

* ceased publication

Full-text search or search by subjects are available. The service is featured with bi-lingual full text search engine, automatic categorization, information tracking, etc. Images are also available in some of the news articles.

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Type: Fulltext | News/Newspaper
Location: Web (remote access available)